We googled it. Did you know there were quite a few marketing and design consultancies out there? It gave us pause for thought. You'd need a good reason to put your faith in us. We briefly thought about open bribery before deciding that, in fact, there were lots of things that do actually set us apart.

The Garret started in an attic over five years ago with one simple idea: To make a bucket-load of money and retire to the Caribbean.
The good news is that as we've grown, we've realised that if we retired we'd only be bored. We need a challenge. And, the challenge we enjoy most is to deliver innovative communication solutions to meet our clients' marketing objectives.

We also realised that no one these days has unlimited budgets. That our solutions should be cost-effective as well as effective.

A typical creative brainstorming session
How often do you hear 'industry knowledge' or 'client focused' or 'innovative thinking'. Well, you're just about to hear it again.
Yep. We do all that. Although we work with clients in wide range of markets, we have a particularly good understanding of the technology and social housing sectors.

We always put our client first. We listen before we do anything because we know that, while it may be our skills and experience that brings you to us, it will be the personal relationship that keep us together. It's almost as important as the results we deliver.

But, there are a few areas where we are different.
Some things that not many agencies can claim:

We have developed our own branding model and toolkit

Some of our consultants act as an Accreditation Panel for the British Computer Society

We've created our own online production system for on-demand business publication

We always work in an ethical manner. Read Our Promise.
We know there are two sides to every client relationship: the professional and the personal. So, here's some information on both.
Some interesting (but useless) stuff

We don't 'work hard and play hard'

We're deeply suspicious of people who proudly say they do

We prefer festivals to operas

We're cat people. What good are dogs anyway?

Some boring (but important) stuff:

An appointed Project Manager for every job
All work undertaken to agreed service levels

Price transparency from the outset

Customer satisfaction survey at the end of every project

The Garret is a small team of marketing and communications specialists. For example, here is some information on the founders.
Kirstie Lamont
Client Services Director

Kirstie has been a founding director of successful companies in the creative and print on-demand industries. Her secret is being incredibly good with people. Empathy, understanding and the patience of a saint are her chief skills. That and the ability to mutter under her breath without anyone noticing.
Iain Plunkett
Creative Director

Iain has worked within every type of creative agency. He has been creative head of a leading business-to-business advertising agency and managing editor of a corporate publisher. So, you can work out he’s been around a while. His chief skills are bluster and misdirection. That, in our experience, makes him a creative guru.

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