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Branding and corporate identity for WK Consulting

We were approached to develop the branding and marketing strategies for a new social housing consultancy. Previously part of a well-known housing association, the new company wanted to build upon its heritage while assuring the sector of its complete independence.
Market research for WK Consulting

Our first step was to conduct extensive research with the WK Consulting's internal and external audiences to discover the essence of the company's brand and develop effective 'go to market' messaging. As well as informing the branding process, we also used the research for a market research report to introduce the new consultancy to a select number of social housing professionals prior to its launch.
Advertising and recruitment advertising for WK Consulting

We delivered a series of advertisements to cover the transitional period between the housing association's consultancy division and the new consultancy. This included creating the recruitment campaign to replace the housing association's chief executive who was becoming head of the new organisation. We were responsible for the writing and design of the advertisements and the media buying.
Website design and development for WK Consulting

We are now rolling out the branding and corporate identity that we've developed across a wide range of marketing communications, including website, corporate brochure and direct mail. The identity is clean and contemporary designed to stand out in the marketplace. The brand and messaging focuses on emotional as well as functional elements which is a fresh perspective in the sector.

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